Suzanne Eason, the founder of PLUMRIDGEHOUSE, has one primary goal: to always to provide her clients with the beautiful home of their dreams. She has a long history of inspiring artists and manufacturers alike with visionary designs, something that shines through again and again due to her passion for emerging and established artists.

Suzanne serves as a design and fine art consultant for a diverse clientele, using her artistic eye to go above and beyond for her clients. She takes great pride in crafting balanced interiors with a sense of classicism that still appeals to modern fashions. Her interiors are relaxed and glamourous, yet never overly formal. She embraces both the past and the present in her work, incorporating her clients' treasures and antiques into the design scheme.

Suzanne Eason and Some of Her Designs

A History In Modern Design

Suzanne's first design discipline was fashion. After acquiring an AA in sportswear, she went to work for one of Ralph Lauren's renowned protégés, Jeffrey Banks. She spent a year designs menswear before returning to school for her BFA. She won a full scholarship to attend the Italian school Intituto di Disegno in Florence. She then interned with 212 associates, a Yale-alumni environmental design firm in SoHo, where she assisted in the re-design of signage for the Rockefeller Center and the Central Park Zoo.

Upon graduation at age 22, she established herself at Revlon as one of the youngest art directors ever hired. Working under the guidance of Grace Mirabella, she designed and developed several of the prestige cosmetic brands called the nines, including Ultima II, Marcella di Borghese, Lancaster, Guerlain, Alexandre de Markoff, and Charles of the Ritz.

In 1992, she formed Arte y Funcion, a design firm based in Santiago, Chile. Suzanne was solely responsible for the redesign and development of Ripley, a luxury department store located in the elegant enclave of Alta Las Condes, Santiago. She created Ripley's brand logo, store identity, and visual merchandising from the ground up. From there, she went on to create the visual merchandising, logo, and stationaries for Falabella, a competitive yet equally luxurious department store.

Arte y Funcion worked on many design projects in Santiago, including work for the Universidad de Catolica, ARQ magazine, and the Bienal de Diseno, an exhibition at the Museo de Bellas Artes. Other projects included book design, trade shows, museum installations, logo design, event design, and store interiors.

In 1999, Andrea Jung asked her to join the ranks at Avon as global creative director of cosmetics, where Suzanne formed her design team and redesigned all Avon cosmetics around the globe. After numerous awards, Suzanne was asked to come aboard and direct the design and development of Andrea's newest project and the only retail brand ever produced by Avon, called Becoming. It was hailed as the most innovative project in Avon's history. With a team of only five designers, copywriters, and a project manager, Suzanne created and developed the brand and its stores as creative director.

In 2003, she established Albemarle Eason, with partner and fellow designer and engineer, Rufus Albemarle. Together, they designed and rebranded prestige goods around the country and abroad. Designing events and commercial spaces gave her the freedom to infuse her sense of humor and theatrics into the temporary spaces, and thus gave her the ability to break the traditions of pure graphic and interior design.

After many years of her varied design disciplines, Suzanne established Suzanne Eason Interiors, LLC in 2005. Having designed for many years for the luxury business industry, she changed her focus to the private sector. Her interiors possess the boldness from her years as a graphic designer with the joie de vivre and classicism that her Italian education so rightly taught her. She takes pride in the multilayered appeal of her designs which really shine when someone inhabits the spaces she creates. Suzanne Eason currently lives and works in the beautiful town of Greenwich, Connecticut, where she is married and raising her daughters, Sienna and Scarlet.